A few months ago I wrote a piece telling some of our brothers and sisters to put their “Woke” manual down. I still stand by those words. There is no room for people within our community who continuously shame others for not sharing the same views; it’s counterproductive and divisive. What was once a true state of being has now turned into a caricature, a performance for twitter followers. Today, however, I want to address the people on the other side of the spectrum who are equally as egregious­­­—the people who are completely asleep.

Just as there can be levels of how woke a person can be, like on a scale of Shannon Sharpe to Dr. Umar Johnson, there are also levels of how sleep someone can be as well. Those people will range from the Jason Witlocks to the Sheriff David Clarkes of the world (or any Black Fox News correspondent for that matter). These brothers and sisters make it their duty to convince other black people (and themselves) that we have created these imaginary constructs in our minds. That what we know as white supremacy is nothing more than a built-in excuse as to why we are so limited in our growth. I drive myself crazy watching some debates on television where a black individual is doing all he or she can not to see the truth. It’s almost as if they are being paid to do so. 

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Recently, former NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick was given the 2017 Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy award. When discussing how he felt, Fox News correspondent Kevin Jackson said SI sullied the Ali name by giving the award to Kaepernick. Jackson went on to claim Kaepernick supported and funded terrorist organizations. 

So look at the people he has donated money to, these are radicals in many cases. Very anti-American, ethnocentrically racist black organizations.
— Kevin Jackson

Now, he seems like an educated guy, and working in the political sphere, he should know what a terrorist organization is and how it functions. But by flat out LYING to say Kaepernick supports terrorist groups because they are black organizations speaks to how deep of a slumber this brother is in.

These sleep folk usually are the people who came into some money or from well-off families who are so removed from the black culture and struggle they can help but look at you confused. “This is America,” they say as they try to justify their beliefs that anyone can make it in this country. In turn, we respond, “This is America” as we try to show them the many faults in a system they all of a sudden believe in because it benefitted them.   

I’m not one to think there will ever be a time all black people around the world or in this country will ever agree on one course of action for our liberation. It’s just not practical thinking. Unity may be a wonderful dream, but all I want is for our folk in comas to do is use common sense for what is truly happening. You don’t have to wear crystals around your neck or tune in to every Dr. Umar YouTube clip, but you must see reality and not be compromised to sell out your own people because of your position. See the pain in the faces of your brothers and sister when we passionately discuss white supremacy. Understand that we are not crazy when we experience racism, and know if the roles flipped we would be in your corner. It’s time for you to…

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Malcom X. Bowser is a writer, curator, and founder of Urban X.

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