Top 5 URL Battles of All Time

The Ultimate Rap League (URL) has been providing the culture with top tier rap battles for as long as I can remember. Smack and his team always listen to the fans and deliver the matchups they want to see. Below I have listed the Top 5 battles in URL history.

Before we begin I have not included battles from the SMACK DVD days, that’s for another list but for now, we’ll just stick with the URL. 


5. J.C. v Chilla Jones


Coming in at the number five spot I have a battle from the Proving Grounds division in the URL. JC v Chilla Jones took everyone by surprise in 2012 and is considered one of that year’s best battles. Two relatively unknown rappers put on a classic battle for three rounds, JC with his aggressive style and Chilla with his slow and deliberate delivery. Both of these men put on a show, bar the bar one of the best exchanges in URL history. I honestly can’t call it, all three rounds could go either way.

Round 1: Debatable

Round 2: Debatable

Round 3: Debatable

…So cross me with that hammer, I’ll spin Julian in reverse and Nail u J.
— Chilla Jones

4. K-Shine v Calicoe


At number four I’m going with one of my favorite battles, K-Shine v Calicoe. Two heavy hitters that came out swinging early. K-Shine from Harlem, NY is often known for his hyper-aggressive style, loud delivery, and witty schemes. His opponent Calicoe, the Detroit native, who is super lyrical and witty came out with a chip on his shoulder because he took a debatable L against Newark rapper Shotgun Suge who bullied him lyrically months earlier, and disrespected Detroit legend and later D12 member Proof while doing it. Both MCs had great punch lines and highlight moments. This is how I would score it,

Round 1: Calicoe.

Round 2: K-Shine.

Round 3: Debatable, both had great moments but no one edged the other in my opinion.  

Nigga wanna try me, I let the Glock fly three and let these bullets park-in- son, and leave him shaking with Ali
— Calicoe

3. Hitman Holla v Aye Verb


In the third spot I have St. Louis rappers Hitman Holla v Aye Verb. These two had been riding on the same team for years until Hitman began to make the climb to top-tier. There were some rumors these two weren’t seeing eye to eye anymore but no one would’ve thought they would battle each other. Many think Verb became jealous of Hitman’s success; I agree based on the timing of when the two began to have problems.  From the same city, they let the personal bars fly.  Both rappers took shot after shot and nothing was off limits. Although I am somewhat biased towards Verb (because I don’t think he’s very good) he did provide one of the best moments in URL history where he lyrically “sonned” the younger Hitman and told his father, “that’s how you talk to ya son!”

Round 1: Hitman

Round 2: Aye Verb

Round 3: Aye Verb (Barely!) 

If this was the NFL I’d be Barry Sanders, you Emmitt Smith, you run behind your block, me I don’t need that shit
— Aye Verb

2. Tsu Surf v Big T


Holding the second spot on the list is a banga, Tsu Surf of Newark, NJ against Big T of Chicago. This battle was held in a smaller venue and because of this the small audience the viewers at home were able to catch every punch line that would normally get drowned out by loud applause at a regular URL event. I feel Big T slightly edged Surf every round but that doesn’t take away from Surf’s performance. Big T went last every round, and that certainly helps when trying to win a battle because you’re the last person the audience hears, and I think that was a large factor here. The highlight for me was T’s last round where he questioned the jail time Tsu Surf did for a gun charge. Others have done it before, including K-Shine, but I feel Big T broke it down far better.

Round 1: Big T

Round 2: Big T

Round 3: Big T

I aim at T with that AR you know what he will GET (TARGET)
you gon see a (C-A) SK tryin to be tough off that E, T. (CASKET)
if you can spell you’ll do well cause everything I tell real and with that K, I rip T up the middle cause you need 2 LL’s to spell KILL.
— Tsu Surf

1. Loaded Lux v Calicoe


At the top spot for best battle in URL history is a certified CLASSIC, Harlem’s own Loaded Lux up against Calicoe. Cal was on this list already in the battle versus K-Shine. He had earned the right to face a battle rap legend Loaded Lux who stepped out of retirement for the URL stage. People had super high expectations for both rappers but were shocked when Lux choked in the first round. No one had ever seen him completely drop a round. It was unheard of. Calicoe was solid all three rounds because he was used to the format of the URL battle stage. Lux who had stepped away was noticeably rusty and the choke was proof. However, Lux shrugged it off and cam back in the next two rounds with a vengeance. He lyrically dismantled Calicoe in round two and three and in the latter round gave one of the most flawless performances to date. Lux addressed Calicoe’s father, who he often raps about, and claimed he wasn’t a gangsta; in fact he was just “a lost nigga.” I feel battle rap reached it’s peak in 2012 with this battle. Lux was featured on the Howard Stern Show to explain some of his lines. This battle was even referenced in a Drake verse where he stated “You put Drizzy on a verse you gon get this work!”  

Round 1: Calicoe

Round 2: Loaded Lux

Round 3: Loaded Lux

You know I kill, you can read, everything in my bio has it (Biohazard)
— Loaded Lux

Battles worthy of notable mention

Tsu Surf v Conceited 

Hitman Holla v Arsonal

Goodz v Conceited

Charlie Clips v T-Rex

Tsu Surf v Charlie Clips



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