Tornado of Trouble for Trump

Like clockwork, week after week and day after day, Trump has a scandal raging somewhere in the background. Just from last week to this one we had the firing of FBI Director Comey, Trump leaking sensitive information to the Russians, and now a special prosecutor has been appointed to deal with the Trump-Russia investigations.

Firing the FBI Director and then threatening him with twitter posts after the firing was not a good look for the President (when is there ever a good look for Trump?). Of course, many Republicans and Trump supporters argue that Trump has the full authority to fire the FBI Director.

Fine, this is true.

However, everyone’s heads turned when Comey’s memo was leaked, showing that Trump tried to coerce Comey into dropping the investigation against one of Trump’s advisors, Michael Flynn. Some have called this “Obstruction of justice” and have called for the impeachment of Trump.

Next on the list is Trump sharing classified information with the Russian Foreign Minister in their visit to the White House (which, incidentally did not have any American media present). This information was provided by the Israeli government and unfortunately, Russia is buddy-buddy with Iran, one of Israel’s enemies in the Middle East. Thus, this was concerning not only to the public here in the United States but to the government of Israel.

Finally, the Department of Justice has finally appointed a special prosecutor to overlook the Trump-Russia collusion and election interference cases: former FBI Director Robert Muller. Mr. Muller served as FBI Director under George W. Bush and Barack Obama. This means that there will finally be an independent person overseeing the investigation and it will be much harder for Trump to try to coerce investigators or influence the investigation itself.

These things occurred directly due to Trump’s actions. It is now up to forces out of Trump’s direct control to see if there is fire where all this smoke is. Will Trump get impeached anytime soon? It’s not likely, but he certainly isn’t doing himself any favors.