Battle Rap: Top 5 K-Shine Rounds

K-Shine is one of my all-time favorite battle rappers. His witty punchlines, creative schemes, and hyperaggressive style always guarantee a great show. Every time I try to put someone on to battle rap, K-Shine is the one they find the most entertaining.  

It got me to thinking about what K-Shine’s best, most complete rounds he’s ever delivered in a battle. So I re-watched a bunch and picked five that stuck out to me the most. Feel free to click on each round to watch the battle for yourself. I have also listed exactly where in the battle to skip to in case you want to see which round I am discussing. 

5.  3rd Round vs. Shotgun Suge

This event was a bad day for Jersey all around, O Red, Arsonal, and Shotgun Suge all took L’s this day. Overall I thought the K-Shine vs. Shotgun Suge battle was close; I had Shine edging Suge in the first two rounds then it happened… Shotgun Suge choked at the top of his third round. This gave Shine the opportunity to get off and run a victory lap around his opponent and deliver devastating blows. You can watch the battle in its entirety or skip to 16:24.


…Open it up/put two shells in the shotgun like I’m loading it up!


4. 1 Round battle vs. Big Will

I’m usually not a fan of one-round battles because I think the truth is in the rebuttals. How is someone going to respond to a good round? In this battle, K-Shine had the luxury of going last in this classic. He was up against St. Louis rapper Big Will, in St. Louis. Shine was able to shut a hostile crowd up and give him almost 8 minutes of bars that were aimed straight at Will’s head. It was almost painful to watch as K-Shine was able to get into a zone that no one, not even the hecklers, was able to get him out of, this was ugly. You can watch the battle in its entirety or skip to 9:01.  


…how you want it n*gga, shotty or Tommy?/ corner store set-up or shot in the lobby?/ I’ll have ya whole complex looking like the night of the zombies/ I’ll Ace ya whole hood, leave ya’ll body to body


3. 3rd Round vs. Calicoe

I’ve written about this battle before when I discussed the Top 5 URL battles ever. When I watch this battle I always go either way when looking at both rapper’s 3rd round because both of their verses were something special. I include K-Shines because he targeted three different rappers in his round and effectively aired each one. I didn’t give him the battle completly because I felt it took away from his attack on Calicoe in general. But definitely, check this one out. You can watch the battle in its entirety or skip to 20:31.  


Cortez drunk off that Puerto Rican Rum, or that vodka/ so that Puerto Rican choppa go Que, Que, Que, Que Pasa!


2. 3rd Round vs. DNA

This might be one of my favorite rounds from any battle ever. It was creative as hell, full of bars, and it made his win clear, no debating. K-Shine and DNA had been sending shots at each other for a while in their respective battles, including in our number 3 entry on the list. Coming into this battle, K-Shine said he felt slighted that people thought DNA would be too intellectual for him in their match. Shine made a bold move and pulled out a poster board with scientific definitions and pictures, along with lab coat that said “Professor Shine” on the front and the back, his slogan, “Zip em up!” K-Shine then went on the give the audience members a lesson on how DNA (the rapper) and actual DNA weren’t so different after all. You can watch the battle in its entirety or skip to 24:25. 

*The whole round was hard.


1. 1st round vs. Tsu Surf

This is the match that battle rap fans had been looking forward to for a while. Both seemed to be on a head-on collision course with each other, and they were finally able to meet on the Summer Madness stage. K-Shine came out swinging HARD in his first round and delivered some of the most memorable bars of the night. This round is where it became cool to call Tsu Surf a snitch because K-Shine methodically laid out how Surf doing a few months in jail for a loaded weapon made zero sense. He also made some damning accusations about Surf’s sexual practices as well when he claimed to know about a 16-year-old girl he was dating in Jersey. Too bad Shine didn’t hit as hard in his following two rounds and may have lost the battle depending on who you talk to. To me, it’s a classic case of starting out too hot and cooling off when it matters, in the end. In any case, this round was an absolute classic. You can watch the battle in its entirety or skip to 9:50.


Now I did a bid and a half in max for some crack/ he did a week and half in a max for gat/so that explains all the Donatellos with the purple flags wrapped to the back/ cus every ninja turtle had one leader, and that was a rat

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