Whats Vertical Loading, and Why YOU Should Be Doing It

By: Travis Price-Grant (@Diantehealth)

In the fitness community, they are a multitude of ways to train used amongst many fitness enthusiasts. One way, being horizontal loading. This is when you add on weight after each set is performed. Ex. Three sets of 12 at the bench press machine going up by 10lbs each set.

Another training method not commonly used as much is called Vertical Loading, frequently referred to as circuit training. This form of training requires the individual to perform exercises back to back to back for a given amount of rounds, with as much variety of exercises as chosen by the individual(s). An example would be performing squats for 12 reps, then going into push-ups 12 reps and finishing it off with burpees at 12 reps. Once these three exercises are completed, that would equal one round, and you would consequently do as many rounds as you felt were needed. 


Circuit training is beneficial for its users because it provides:

  1. New stimuli response, if you have been training a specific way for a while now and no longer feel as though you are getting a good workout in for your time spent. Circuit training is a perfect switch up.
  2. Total Body experiences, with the ability to customize your exercises you can effectively train all parts of your body at the same time, it depends on how YOU go about it.
  3. Burn fat DOUBLE time, what you'll find that this form of training will be a bit more taxing on the body causing an increase in your heart rate, benefiting you in burning more calories during a given session.
  4. No GYM needed! This form of training can be done right in the convenience of your home using body weight exercises. SO THERE'S NO EXCUSE lol.
  5. TIME, this form of training is excellent for the individual on the go and just doesn't have time but still wants to get his/her GAINS. Typically a circuit training session will last as little as 20 minutes to max sub time of 45 minutes. Saving you time that you can use to get back to work or home to the family!

Check out this sample Circuit Training routine

  • Goblet Side Lunges
  • Single Leg Squat 
  • Renegade Rows
  • Single leg shoulder press
  • Bicep Curl