My Most Profound Learning Experiences

My past

My whole life has been a learning experience. A long process of endless failing and learning. It’s what I like to call the ladders of life. And in my eyes the more you fail the stronger you become. So to me any failure doesn’t make you less of a person. And I know that I will fail many more times in my life.

One thing that I have learned a lot from in my life is the deep pain that I have endured in my past. From getting bullied most of my school years, to social anxiety and a lot more. Growing up in an environment and going to a school where I knew nobody really set it up.

From people staring at me. And even making fun of me because I didn’t talk much. I guess I didn’t fit the “good looking” requirements, because I didn’t have what other people had or dressed like them. I let opinions that were not mine get to me.

I never really told myself good opinions about myself. So when someone gave me one, I believed it. Going through school was hard because I had to face people that talked about me. I’m not saying I’m the only person to ever get bullied, everyone most likely has been bullied.

I was like this for years and years. But nobody knew this, not even my parents. But all of that has changed. Now I wear all my pain on my back and do what I do best. And that is writing.

Who I am today

8 months ago I picked up a pen and paper. I decided to write my thoughts on them. Mostly what I thought about the world. As I wrote more and more I developed a deep passion for helping others and spreading motivation.

And when this happened all of my past problems disappeared. I became a much stronger person. Since I’ve started writing I’ve learned how to express myself in various ways.

Now I’m doing what I love to do. And I will do it for the rest of my life. And I’m not letting anyone get in my way. I’m working hard every day and learning at the same time. Tunnel vision is my motto. I am all about helping others. And for my work to put a smile on someone’s face, or for it to get people through depression is all that matters.

I don’t care about the views nor the likes. Numbers mean nothing to me. When it’s my time to leave this earth I want to be remembered for something good, and for generations to come.

What I’ve learned from content creation

I've learned that you meet many people with the same mindset and hustle as you. I've learned that this is a lifestyle for me and not just “work”. I’ve learned that expressing yourself is better than holding it in.

Everyone has a voice and that is a power that we all I have. To share it with the world. About 6 months ago I stumbled across Garyvee. I started watching his videos on content creation and it got me thinking.

Of all the categories under content creation, writing is the best for me. Ive learned that it is all a learning process and nobody stands in your way but you.

Ive grown tremendously over this past year. I will continue to put out content, its who I am. I am a writer, and I feel like I am here to inspire.