Battle Rap: Top 5 Goodz Rounds

We are still a couple of months away from the Ultimate Rap League’s Night of Main Events 8 in June. But there are still battles that immediately jump out that have the potential to be classics. Goodz verses Tay-Rocc is one of them. I will admit that I haven’t kept up with battle rap in the recent years, I feel like its gone stale as every top tier battler has faced each other, and the drop off of talent between top tier and Proving Ground (PG) rappers is steep. Not to mention battle rap has slowly moved away from strictly clever bars and witty punchlines, to big theatrical WWE like spectacles. We can thank/blame Loaded Lux for that in my opinion, but I digress. Today we will highlight some of the best individual rounds from my all-time favorite battle rapper, Goodz da Animal, coming straight out the Bronx.  

After re-watching all of his battles, I have compiled a list of top 5 Goodz rounds. This list does not exclusively include URL battles as Goodz has had classics on many different stages, lest we forget the Lionz Den. Like my article that listed the Top 5 K-Shine battles, feel free to click on each round to watch the battle for yourself. I have also listed precisely where in the battle to skip to in case you want to see which round I am discussing. Please note that some of these battles were back when Smack and the URL used to release battles a round at a time (dark times).

5. 2nd round v T-Top

This 2017 battle was a strong showing for the Bronx animal. Going up against the relatively young T-Top, Goodz showed why tough gun lines and drug bars are sometimes not enough to win a battle. Goodz thoroughly controlled this crowd with his stage presence and delivery and made the otherwise talented T-Top look like a student. You can watch the battle in its entirety or skip to 25:24.

He owe me money, we gon do more than shake it out/fortune cookie ima break him apart then take my paper out!


4. 3rd round v Conceited

One of my favorite all around battles, Goodz and Conceited, went at it for three tough rounds and put on a show. Conceited did not disappoint as he came with crazy punchlines and fat jokes that kept the crowd engaged. However, it is in round 3 that I feel Goodz pulled away. In other battles Goodz is known for fully controlling the room with his charisma and jokes, Conceited had that as well, but Goodz took a lyrical approach to break him down effectively. He attacked the obvious, Conceited’s size. As a smaller rapper, Goodz picked apart the idea of him selling any drugs or shooting any guns and made him look foolish in the process. You can watch the battle in its entirety or skip to 16:40.

You drinking water while you battle, I’m drinking Henny like its kool-aid/and 1000 sips past you/truthfully this bottle of Henny the only reason I ain’t smack the shit out you.


3. 3rd round v Aye Verb

Goodz and Aye Verb had been sending shots at each other in other battles for years leading up to this matchup. You might be able to tell from my previous list that I don’t think Verb is much of a threat but I will say he has shown flashes of top-tier talent. In this battle, however, Goodz once again displayed why your stage presence can be the extra ingredient to put you over the top to win a battle. Not even punchline landed for Goodz in this battle but in the third round he showed why he will still win if that happens to be the case. You can watch the battle in its entirety or skip to 29:20.

I ain’t top tier, you right. I’m in a class of my own/cus I could whop a nigga ass all three rounds off swagga alone.


2. 2nd round v X Factor

The URL fans had been asking about this matchup for some time. X-Factor had come off a few impressive wins including against his old mid-west movement buddy Aye Verb and Goodz record was damaged, to say the least after his battle against Hollow Da Don, which ended in a forfeit. Goodz came out very hot in the first round attacking everything about X Factor from his clothing to past loses. However, I feel it was in the second where Goodz completely took over and packaged everything he had and handed X a clear L. You can watch the battle in its entirety or skip to 18:12.

My shit crack/it’s fucked up that you are the drug test. I fuck with bloods, I fuck with crips as long as its thug effort/you try to throw salt in the game and end up the slug catcher…matter fact for throwing salt in the game ima let my blood press ya (pressure)


1. 3rd round v K-Shine

This was the first Goodz battle I had ever watched. It was in the famous Lionz Den hosted by none other than Loaded Lux. In this battle Goodz proved himself to be an all-around battle rapper. Because the Lionz Den was a smaller venue, everyone in attendance was not able to see Goodz’ stage presence and charisma, they had to hear his lyrical ability. There was something grittier about the Lionz Den battles as a whole that made me a fan of battle rap in general. K-Shine was young and still trying to find his voice as a battle rapper, it seemed like he got influence from his former team member T-Rex has he rapped fast and tried to overload Goodz with punchlines. Goodz responded by slowing down and being deliberate in everything he said. As a result, he put on a show from start to finish. Definitely a classic. This round was released by itself.

Ya now flowing with the best b/slugs like Vicks they open up ya chest/we loaded up them techs/squeeze muzzle on it so when I shoot, sound like I’m opening a Pepsi.


If you have other notable rounds from Goodz, you didn’t see on the list comment them below. 


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