Around ten years ago, I coined the phrase “Quantum Hip Hop’.  It was my feeble attempt to express the unknowable potential that Hip Hop possessed in a time when creativity laid dormant. The recycled flows, verses, cadences, and styles which gave birth to a flourishing “rap” industry was killing the emcee. It was killing the sacred art of the word and its role in defining our reality, and those burdened with the responsibility of holding it in the highest regards. The concerted effort by industry vultures to slow down the vibration of the word created a frequency prison. This frequency prison became the death of many artists who were attempting to use the word and the power of its alchemical properties to free themselves from this realm of reality, only to find themselves trapped in the creative abyss of sorcerers who have held the word captive by diminishing its value. The masses are locked into a frequency bandwidth controlled and manipulated by those who understand the power of creative expression. The bandwidth also controls time, space, thought, sexual behaviors, and spiritual potential. It literally covers the entire planet (frequency lockdown). Repeating the same drum patterns, cadences and flows, and sonically replicating the same sounds has removed the creative process from the equation. If we don’t create, we die. In 2018 we are literally rapping ourselves to death! 



Using certain geometrical thought patterns to heat up words by way of sound vibration is how magic is performed in the physical realm. Each individual, when allowed to think “freely” has a unique sequence of thought that will allow him or her to open up portals. The higher the geometrical thought patterns, the higher the dimensions reached. After listening to Cambatta’s new album called “Camballah”, I am thoroughly convinced that he is in possession of the sacred geometry that has been missing from Hip hop since its inception! Now that’s a very powerful statement to make, but his mastery of linguistics and his ability to split words the way a scientist would split an atom, creating new meanings and understandings of already existing words is amazing. The energy he infuses on a track, along with his unpredictable flows, ad-libs, and unorthodox cadences is unparalleled. He has cadences within cadences that unlock secret meanings to his double, triple and “quantum entendres”. If you are not in tune with his flow, you cannot rewind the verse to catch what he said, you have to rewind the track!   

He is who Jay Electronica was supposed to be, but better!

Cambatta’s voice is cinematic! Everything his says is epic! He reminds me of the voice that does the coming attractions for your favorite action or horror movies. We are all familiar with the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”; well his words are worth a thousand pictures. Your head movies are immediately upgraded from HD to 4k and beyond with every verse delivered on the tracks. His essence fills in the empty spaces of every song, and his ad-libs are imbedded deep within his vocal delivery. Even though every verse is fire, you also are anticipating the next ad-libs as they bridge the gaps between his hooks and chores so seamlessly. His adlibs alone are worth the price of the album! He is who Jay Electronica was supposed to be, but better! He is the crystallized point of the entire body of work of the so- called conscious community. There have been many masterful emcees who rep RBG, The Black Power movement, the Nation of Gods and Earths, etc. yet the metaphysical and occult community, which is rarely understood requires a special orator. Cambatta is that being. While others focus on 16 bars, his meta-fours vibrate on a higher plane. 

While others focus on 16 bars, his meta-fours vibrate on a higher plane. 

The name of his album Camballah is “Cabalistic” in nature. It is a play on the word Qabalah (tree of life), which is the esoteric study of the course or pathways used by spirit to become manifested in the physical world. That is about as mundane as I can explain it, lol (see brother A.A. Rashid’s body of work for further study).  There are ten main attributes or “sephirot” that represent the many different physical, mental, and spiritual characteristics of our existence. Cambatta has named each track on the album after the ancient sephirot. In essence, with each song, he is charting his own course from pure thought into the physical realm of Hip Hop. Your participation, by lending your “third ear” to the process accelerates the rate in which Cambatta will manifest in your space…enjoy the ride! For those who are a little more advanced, juxtapose the actual album over a copy of the tree of life and choose just the left pillar of songs to reach a desired emotional state. Choose the right pillar of songs to see if that state changes. Or go down the middle and witness different parts of Cambatta’s spirit appear. 


I normally would do a break down of each song or track, but I feel in this instance that would be doing this body of work a disservice. It must be experienced in its totality with zero predetermined notions about its energy. If you are an emcee, there is absolutely no way that you can experience Cambatta’s new album and not be changed forever. This album is absolutely worth every dime and more, and should be studied for years to come. This is The Black Dot, and I approve this message!



The Black Dot is the author or the underground classic Hip-Hop Decoded, and his new book, Urban Culture Decoded

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