Has Instagram Become Over Saturated with One Type of Woman?

By Monie B Positive

A friend of mine recently sent me an Instagram video of the actor Mustafa Shakir, who plays John Mclver on “Luke Cage,” talking about the women he sees on Instagram with there bodies on display like mannequins in a department store window, twerking and taking provocative pictures for likes, and how this look has become oversaturated on social media. While he made it very clear that he was not passing judgment on any woman who chooses to express herself that way,
when comes to approaching him, seeing that kind of bodily display does not interest him. As a woman who does not wear makeup and weaves or posts provocative pictures, his video made me wonder if Instagram has become oversaturated with one type of female avatar? Has it become too much?

The answer is yes. The majority of women on Instagram, famous or not, look like someone straight out of a photo shoot for a magazine or movie. Every strand of Brazilian hair is laid perfectly, their nails and makeup are perfect, and their bodies are anatomically incorrect with the waist of a 10-year-old girl, and the behind of a 30-year-old woman. Yes, there is a natural movement coming back around where every single woman does look like a video vixen; however, the majority rules and the majority of women on Instagram all look the same aesthetically. I am in no way shape or form saying these women are wrong for expressing themselves how they see fit, but I wonder are women doing this because they are free-spirited and uninhabited with their bodies, or are they following the trend of what’s in at the moment. 

Let's face it, in a couple of years this Instagram look will be a thing of the past, and something new will pop up in its place because things go in cycles. But what impact will it leave behind and how is it impacting the masses in the meantime. From my perspective it gives women a false sense of beauty, it leaves impressionable teenage girls and some women with low self-esteem, and gives men a false idea of what women are supposed to look like in the real world, all which can lead to destructive behavior. How many times have we heard the news stories of women who can not afford to have their bodies done by Dr.Miami, so they end up in the Dominican Republic getting treated by an unlicensed doctor or in someone’s basement where they ultimately meet
there demise. Often young boys and adult men have a hard time distinguishing what some women look like on social media versus what they look like in real life. It seems most men are looking for that particular look on women who are not on social platforms and are disappointed when they do not come across that type woman in real life. 

Real women who own business, pursuing education’s, and have children have stretch marks, cellulite, and mommy pouches, showing Imperfections that do not translate to social media. At the end of the day if displaying your body on Instagram for likes and attention, or the sheer enjoyment of doing it to do is your thing, then do that. Live your best life. However, from where I stand it does not look like these women are doing it for those reasons, but more so trying to attain a standard of beauty that is unattainable and creating a false sense of reality at the same time. At the end of the day over saturation and overexposing oneself comes at a price, it's up to the person to figure out if it is worth the cost.