Black Women Helping to Push The Interracial Agenda

By Monie B Positive

In a recent Essence interview, Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas from the popular girl group TLC, spoke about her dating life and where she is currently ever since her show, "What Chilli Wants" aired on VH1 some years back. In this interview, Chilli said she's not worried about finding Mr. right became she's not limiting her dating pool to just black men. Chilli stated "I want for women --- especially women of color --- to not be so closed minded when it comes to love. You want the person who's the best person for you, no matter what color he is." Now, this statement bothers me for two reasons, she puts black women in the category of "women of color,” and she’s helping to push the interracial agenda towards black people, especially black women. Our fight is not the same as an Asian, Italian, or Mexican woman’s fight in this country historically and presently speaking, so to group black women into that category is a disservice to us. Now if Chilli wants to date a white, blue, or green man that’s her choice. But I have a problem when you put forth this narrative of this is what black women should be doing because white is right so to speak.

This is the agenda that is being pushed through media, celebrity-ism, and everyday people in society. White people are behind pushing it out there, and they are using black bodies to carry out the message. Think about the clothing commercials you see where there is a white man, black woman, and mixed raced child being promoted in the ad. Very rarely do you see advertisement ads geared towards families using a black mother, father, and child to promote whatever it is they're selling? How many black women YouTubers do you see who swear up and down by white men saying how wonderfully fantastic their white husband or boyfriend is? Or the reasons why you should date them, or my favorite when they tell you all the reasons they don’t date black men and compare that to white men by saying white men don’t have these issues and never will, therefore making them better than black men in some way. Subtly and overtly there is an interracial agenda being pushed that says white (men or women) is right and the powers that be do not want to see healthy black families and relationships in the airwaves because to see that is looked at as revolutionary and dangerous in the eyes of white people.

It seems like ever since anti-miscegenation laws were struck down in 1967 during the Loving v. Virginia case, black people, more so black men than women have hit the ground running, and nothing has made this more prevalent than movies being made about white men black women, orWMBW, having these forbidden love affairs and living happily ever after. There is a new movie coming out on September 14, 2018, called “Where Hands Touch,” about a half black half white teenage girl who falls in love with a white teenage boy who is a member of the Hitler Youth during Hitler’s reign in Germany. The director is Amma Asante, a dark skin Ghanaian women who has directed “A United Kingdom,” and “Belle,” which are about interracial relationships. She is currently married to a white man and was married to a white man before that. Clearly, she is pushing an agenda of black and white romance because that is what her personal life reflects. With her newest upcoming movie, she is trying to romanticize a love story between a black girl and white boy during the Holocaust in Germany as if this was a time where thousands of black people weren’t being slaughtered along with the Jews. Asante is perpetuating a narrative that both groups of people had so much in common and were willing to risk their lives so much so in order to ride off into the sunset together. Really? This delusion that comes from those who swirl is laughable at best. The narrative of no matter what these two people from two different racial backgrounds had to do (even if it meant dying in the process), tells black women that white men are willing to go further for your affection that black men are not. Again showing white men in a positive light and black men in a negative light. Amma has gotten a lot of backlash behind this film, and it will be interesting to see what the numbers do at the box office and how many black women will go and support this “romance,” thus continuing to perpetuate the interracial narrative through media, celebrity-ism, and everyday people.