Out of Luck

By: Terry Vogt (930Heavy)


My initial thoughts when I saw why my phone was vibrating out of control Saturday night. August 24th, 2018 at 9:28 PM, to be exact, Adam Schefter tweeted out the news. Andrew Luck, the almost 30 year old quarterback, and face of the Indianapolis Colts, had retired after seven seasons in the NFL, two weeks before the regular season begins.  I, a Colts fan since sixth grade, was sitting in a backyard, enjoying a drink, and overall enjoying my night. Then I read the twitter notifications and text messages that were lighting up the screen of my cellphone. My favorite football player, for my favorite team called it quits. Like most Colts, I thought Luck would be playing in Indiana for years to come. I thought I would watch him win MVPs,  Conference Championships, Super Bowls, and whatever else an NFL quarterback can win.  So when I did come to terms that this was not a prank, or a bad joke, or a nightmare… night ruined, to say the least.



Things were finally starting to look up. Luck had what seemed like a minor injury, (What else is new), but overall things were looking good. Possibly the best sign was that the offensive line kept him alive all last season. But, it was too late. The damage had been dealt. Ryan Grigson, former general manager of the Colts, failed for years to give this young, and what seemed to be future hall of fame, quarterback any protection. Luck was hit more than any quarterback during his shorter than expected NFL career.

The definition of insanity is repeating the same actions over and over again and expecting different results. 
— Albert Einstein

It had been become a cycle for Luck. Show the potential to be a Hall of Fame quarterback, get injured, rehab, and try again next year. Above is the second tweet I read Saturday night. This tweet made me understand Andrew Luck, even though the football fan side of me had no interest in understanding this “quitter”. Then, the rational human being side of me took over. If I broke my ribs, tore my abdomen, suffered a concussion, etc., there is no way in hell I would keep doing whatever it was that caused this damage. Let’s be serious, us average joe’s call out of work for stomach aches, migraines, or even less. Who are we to judge the man who urinated blood because of his organization’s failure to build a winning team around him? Not only was he judged, he was boo’d.


Is wrong with you people? Of course he was boo’d.  No matter how I, or you, or any other sports media member tries to explain this, he screwed the Colts. They seemed ready to finally build a championship team, the defense was growing, the run game was solid, and the offensive line was finally doing its part. Then the final piece, the star quarterback, hurt his leg, and left. The news broke while Luck was at the preseason game, the fans, shocked like everybody else, did what most fans do when emotions get the better of them, they did some stupid shit. I’m sure most of them regret it, but fan is short for fanatic. Fanatic is defined as, “A person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal.” OF COURSE HE WAS BOO’D.  Maybe I’m biased, and defending Colts fans, because I’m one of them, but is it really that surprising?


The ball is in Jacoby Brissett’s court now, well, his hands. The Colts’ backup quarterback got the promotion to starting. His previous stint as a starter for Indianapolis wasn’t too impressive.  But, to be fair, he didn’t exactly have a great supporting cast around him, especially compared to what he’ll have this year. Brissett has 13 touchdowns, 8 fumbles, and 7 interceptions in his NFL career. Some have faith that he can still help the Colts win a division they have so often dominated, but others are far from faithful any good will come out Luck calling it quits. Only time will tell, Brissett has a lot to prove, not only to prove naysayers wrong, but to get paid as he is in a contract year. With free agency looming right around the corner, Brissett has to put up or shut up if he wants to remain a starting quarterback in the NFL, and wants to get paid like one.

Will the Colts make the playoffs?

Will Jacoby Brissett hold his own?

Will Andrew Luck change his mind, and come back next year to play? He is still fairly young with what seemed plenty of football ahead of him.

Who knows? Only time will tell.

What I do know is Andrew Luck was a good quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. He was a fun player to root for. He deserves to walk away from a position in which he no longer has an interest in performing. Lastly, he did screw the Colts over in a way that would have been heavily scrutinized only a few years ago. But life is bigger than football. Both sides are wrong, and both sides are right, but as long as Andrew is happy and healthy; who cares what both sides think?