Lyor Cohen

The Fall of Dame Dash

By: Jasen Forrest

Dame Dash1 .jpg

Damon Dash is a perfect example of why a hero ain't nothing but a sandwich, basically he's nothing but a sacrifice. Rudolph Windsor in his book Judea trembles under rome, tells us that during christs time, it was many competing to be the chirst. Whether Christ existed isn't the point, its really how many called themselves the christ, and got shut down every time. Now let's substitute the word Christ with boss, and how many brothers have you seen get shut down shortly after... Just like in Christ's time, the Jews ain't playing that with Dame, i would say lyor Cohen is rome in the Christ mythos. Rome was putting they foot in any body ass, claiming king, boss, or christ, they mean titles of rulership. Also in the mythos, you had Christ auditioners, attacking each other over the title kinda reminds me of rap battles, like who's the king of the south or new York. Dame violated the quiet money approach, his pride, which is one of the 7 deadly sins as well, he bit the hand that fed him. Dame already took oaths and violated, that's why he got black balled in the first place. I'm shocked they didn't George gm James his ass, that's the author of stolen legacy, that paid with his life for breaking the oath  His remains was never found....Its not till you act up in front of company which is in public, and that's the world stage that your parents come get that ass. Dame never was a boss, cause he never slapped or man handled jews, only his own people which they didn't care. I agree with black dot about the aliayah thing too, they was all running her that's a pack of sexual predators if you ask me. Dame has been destroyed he can't undo the apoligizing...He will be called the apologetic under boss. Always remember scared money don't make money....... but you can appear brave off your bosses approval.

His biggest sin was telling the public he was a boss, and they were workers, then get proven to be a worker.