Mayahuel Is a hidden gem located at 304 East 6th Street. If you're not looking carefully for it, you will definitely walk by it a couple of times before realizing you've passed the hottest Mexican, cocktail bar in the city. With over different 60 mezcals and tequilas on deck, the bartenders can concoct a specialty drinking for your liking.

You might say that you're not a tequila drinker, you will change your mind after visiting Mayahuels. The decor is Mexican inspired with wood and tile accents throughout and with the dim lighting make this place outright sexy. This place is great for a first date, sure to score points or small groups looking to have a good time. They have a menu of different freshly made appetizers like tacos, quesadillas, and tortillas with guacamole to name a few. At Mayahuel it is all about the tequilas and the mezcal. 

Every hour is happy hour at Mayahuel. While prices aren't discounted, they still maintain a solid customer base. The experience and the service at Mayahuel will keep you coming back.









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