So what is the excuse this time?

On April 29, 2017, 15-year-old Jordan Edwards was killed by a police officer as he was trying to escape from a party that ended in gunfire.

The local Balch Springs Police were called to investigate a party where around 100 underage teens were suspected of underage drinking. Upon arrival, the officers report that they heard gunshots. It was at that same moment Edwards, along with his older brother, and a few friends rushed out to get away from the mayhem and got into a car.

Next, the Balch Springs Police claim the vehicle backed up towards them in an “aggressive manner.”  According to the lawyer for the Edwards family, Jordan’s older brother was maneuvering out of a parking space when the passengers heard someone yelling in the direction of the car. Before the driver could respond, multiple shots hit the vehicle. It was not until a block later everyone realized Jordan had been shot in the head.

Jordan and his friends were unarmed.

A heartbreaking chain of events when one considers the group was trying to escape a party where they heard gunshots, to only be killed by the people who are supposed to protect them. They followed the protocol of the streets; you hear gunfire, you leave. The Balch Springs Police, paid by the State of Texas to follow proper protocol, failed to serve and protect.

The race of the police officer that killed Jordan has not been released. However, this situation goes back to a larger issue of policing in Urban communities. The idea of shoot first asks questions later. It is understandable the cops may have been on high alert after hearing the gunshots. However, they must understand that the young people in the party were just as scared, and attempted to leave the situation and get home to their families.  

The medical examiner ruled Edwards’ death a homicide, however, we know this narrative all too well. We’ll just have to wait and see if charges will be filed against the officer.