Philadelphia Prosecutors Agree Meek Mills Conviction should be Vacated

Today during a status hearing, the Philadelphia D.A. told Judge Genece Brinkley the believe Meek's 2008 drug and gun conviction should be vacated and he should be granted a new trial.

Over the past month, Meek received a co-sign from the D.A. and the Governor after news broke, suggesting the arresting officer in Meek's original case had been named as part of a police corruption scandal in Philadelphia.

The cop had been accused of lying under oath in a number of cases, including Meek's.

Now, both the prosecutors in the case and Meek Mill's defense attorneys both agree that the rapper did not receive a fair trial. 

The rapper's legal team is seeking to have the entire case overturned, but they still must get past Judge Genece Brinkley, who presides over Meek's case.