21- year-old Entrepreneur opens up her own Vegan restaurant in Brooklyn

Francesca Chaney, a 21-year-old vegan entrepreneur has opened up her own restaurant, Sol Sips, which started as a pop-up shop in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn.

She started selling her very own beverages and unique herbal tea mixtures at local events and festivals which help her get the pop-up shop. As a result, her popularity as a restauranteur grew online spawning an enthusiastic fanbase that ultimately led her to the Sol Sips permanent location.

Most of the meals consist of only four ingredients and prices range from $3- $15. Specialty dishes include a variety of locally-sourced vegetables. She also has menu options utilizing the popular jackfruit and vegan versions of dairy products.

Chaney, who is also a vocalist and a student at Brooklyn College, according to the GoFundMe Francesca has set up to help raise more money for expanding Sol Sips.