Kevin Hart Extortionist Was A Close Friend

The man who allegedly tried to coerce Kevin Hart into paying him for a sex video has been identified as actor Jonathan Todd Jackson. He has been charged with extortion. Jackson, who has starred in many known films such as "S.W.A.T." and "Think Like a Man Too" along side Kevin Hart, faces two felony counts which include, attempted extortion and extortion by threatening letter. 

Last year Kevin Hart made the news because he became the center of an extortion plot as a result of a sex tape showing him and another woman in a Vegas hotel room. Kevin Hart took it upon himself to stand in front of the issue and admit to his faults in public. He has since made millions by turning an ugly situation into laughs by making light of the situation and creating a new stand-up routine around it.   

Kevin took to Twitter to express his shock that a friend would do this to him.