Urban X is looking for Writers!

Urban X Blog: Intern Writer

Urban X- New York, NY

Part-time, Internship (non-paid)

About the blog:  Urban X is a platform for millennial to share their ideas, expertise, and give in-depth analysis of the aspects that create the total "Urban X-pereince." This blog was created to dispel all myths, and correct all falsehoods and misconceptions about our communities that were put in place by those who are not a part of them. At Urban X we are the gatekeepers. It's time to Un-know everything you think you know. 

Our ideal intern is a digital content creator who understands the traditional or trending culture, and it impacts on society. It is also essential to have the ability to write/edit in a conversational tone, taking a strong POV style while subtly integrating a blend of journalism into your articles. 

Here are some responsibilities and guidelines for interns include:

Once given access to the blog site (UrbanX.nyc), interns must submit at least ONE op-ed article a week on any topic the writer chooses. The minimum word limit is 550, and the maximum word limit is 1500. Once submitted on the site, label each article for REVIEW so I (Malcom) may proofread and post. Friday is the deadline for each week. Articles submitted after Friday will go up the following Monday. If the piece is time sensitive based on content, please indicate within the subject line. 

Writers must also post at least ONE current event article a day. Please be careful to stay away from gossip. If the news is pulled from another site (copy and pasted), please include the source. There is no minimum word count for news articles. 

Please send a headshot and small bio about yourself to be included on the site. Also, we will provide an internship letter for school if requested.

If you are interested, please contact me via email. 

Malcom X. Bowser is a writer, curator, and founder of Urban X.

Twitter: @Top_Xth

Instagram: @Top_Xth