The New 007 is a Black woman

Over the past few years, there have been rumblings that the new 007, James Bond character would be recasted. After all the character has been played by different people over the years so it was not a surprise that the conversation was happening.


However, in the light of Hollywood moving towards more diversity with it’s roles the one name many people have often brought up as possibly the new James Bond was Idris Elba.

It’s not hard to see why fans would think Elba would be a great 007, he has the acting chops to handle the role, he’s a Brit, and the ladies love him. The only problem is that many people, including the creator of the series did not think he fit the true essence of James Bond. I, myself thought it was because he was a black man but hey.

Today it has been reported that Lashana Lynch has been tapped as the new 007. Lynch made her big screen debut in 2019 as the fighter pilot Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel.

It is important to note that Lynch isn’t playing Bond, but she is taking up the code name 007 and will be her own character.

I am interested to see how (non-Black) fans will take this news after Disney broke hearts after news broke that the Ariel in the new upcoming live action Little Mermaid would be played by Halle Bailey. Society has had its problems with recasting legacy roles that were originally meant for white characters. Since Lynch’s 007 character will be a new one altogether I am very interested to see the reception.

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