The Lion King Opens to Mixed Reviews

The 2019 remake of the classic animated movie, The lion King has opened to mostly mixed reviews. A classic of this magnitude is very hard to remake in the first place, but one that removes the flexibility of animation make is almost impossible to live up to.


With an all new cast with the exception of James Earl Ray as Mufasa, the movie basically follows the narrative of the original with a few new wrinkles. Beyonce who plays the role of Nala comes under the most scrutiny for her lack of acting skills and her inability to breath life into her character. The lead role of Simba is played by rapper turned actor Childish Gambino, and the verdict is not out yet on his performance.

Rotten Tomatos gave this movie a 60 rating out of 100. It did fair a bit better with other critics. I say we have to go see it for ourselves. This movie means so much to a lot of young people’s childhood, so it better live up to the hype! The lion King opens this Friday in theaters everywhere.

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