Government Shutdown, Showdown


Before I can explain why there may be a government shutdown, we must know what a government shutdown would entail. It doesn’t mean the entirety of our government comes to a screeching halt and everything falls apart. It just means we as a country have reached the limit of money budgeted for government spending and needs more funding. So Congress will then need to pass another spending bill. In the meantime, portions of our federal government DO come to a halt. Many non-essential federal workers are sent home and much more end up having to work without pay during a shutdown. Some examples of the effects of a shutdown include federal buildings and national parks shutting down. With that behind us, we can move on to the showdown itself.

Trump wants the funding bill passed by the Congress to include funding for his wall along the southern border (which means WE are paying for it!). He is also playing politics with the lives of Americans by trying to hold Obamacare subsidy payments hostage to get Democrats to vote to fund his wall in the budget. However, there are even many Republicans that are opposed to a “shutdown showdown” for wall funding and want to put it in a separate bill. They (and I) believe it is likely that most Americans would blame Republicans for a government shutdown as since they control the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House.

Granted, the shutdown could be avoided entirely if Republicans don’t push for funding for a wall. They’re in a lose-lose situation, and Democrats have nothing to gain from working with Republicans on this issue. Trump and the Republicans are likely to take the brunt of the blame if any prolonged dysfunction occurs in Washington and that includes a shutdown or playing with subsidies for healthcare that affect millions of Americans across the United States and especially in rural areas. Let’s see what happens.