It’s US vs. The World (Paris Climate Agreement)

Out of the nearly 200 independent nations that make up our world, we had finally come to a consensus back in 2015 on how to begin to combat Climate Change. Climate Change is real and is not a hoax. If you listen to doctors for health advice, or to lawyers for legal advice, why would you not listen to these scientific experts in this field of study? Scientists all across the earth agree that we need to begin to act to mitigate the worst predictions and catastrophic effects of Climate Change. World leaders across continents and ideologies all agree that humanity must pull together to stop releasing as many pollutants and emissions into our atmosphere and oceans.

But for some reason, Donald Trump believes the entire world is tied up in a global hoax to punish the United States or coal miners or whatever ignorant conspiracy nonsense he’s been tweeting.

The fact is once again (and the importance cannot be overstated), that Climate Change is real. That’s the thing about science; it doesn’t matter if you “believe” in it or not, it is empirically true. Trump tries to downplay the effects of the Paris Agreement, complaining that with all our efforts, the global change in temperature would only be reduced by “two-tenths of one degree Celsius”. Never mind the fact that a change in temperature of that degree globally would be very significant. The United States will suffer from coast to coast from the impact of Climate Change. Many of our major cities would be swallowed up by rising coastal waters, or require expensive feats of engineering to keep them from being underwater. Middle America could have to come to grips with much more common occurrences of extreme and devastating weather patterns.   

If we do not act and act together, we will get closer and closer to the point of no return—and we’re already on the precipice of too late.   


Marquise Lawrence graduated in 2016 from the University of Central Florida with his Bachelors in Political Science.