Not Surprising, Trump ignored many important topics in his State of The Union speech

I'm not sure what people expect when they listen to a Donald Trump speech. In his first State of the Union speech as president, Trump delivered a rather poised recount of his first year in the highest position in the land. He spoke about his tax cut, an increase in wages, and African-American unemployment rates going down. To the uninformed, this all may seem like he was on his way to making good on his promise to, "Make America Great Again." I'm sure many people will applaud Trump for the way he spoke and carried himself during the speech as if after 71 years he finally matured. However, when you peel back the layers of many of the statements he made you would realize he told half-truths, and flat out lied.

After watching the speech, I sat and realized (unsurprised I might add) that he never touched on many of the topics that directly affect Americans. Then, I realized that discussing many of those topics might put pressure on his supporters in the government to defend his hypocrisy and may alienate his base, who he must cater to. uyuy

Notable leave outs: 

  • Gun Violence in America
  • Woman's Rights (Sexual Harassment/Assault)
  • The Russia Investigation

Each topic involves Trump, his staff, and his supporters in some way and shines a spotlight them, albeit a negative one. However, not mentioning them causes more questions anyway.  By completely ignoring these important issues Trump can create a narrative that fits is agenda. He is the master of spin after all, and last night he was almost able to play the role of a president convincingly by calling for unity and discussing his plans to create a more welcoming system for immigrants. Don't be fooled, you must realize the game his team is playing so nothing will come as a shock.



Malcom X. Bowser is a writer, curator, and founder of Urban X.

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