Galli (SoHo, NY)

By: Avery Frances

A Friday night + a restaurant in Soho, New York + no reservation = a recipe for disappointment. Right?

To my surprise, Galli Restaurant whipped up satisfaction + Italian Comfort Food + great vibes and served it on a platter.

As you can imagine, I walked on the cobblestone street of Galli Restaurant somewhat nervous. Mostly because it was my boyfriend's birthday and I knew I didn’t make a reservation. My feelings were solidified when the hostess’ face read “you might be out of luck.”

Galli suddenly sprinkled a bit of satisfaction on the night when the hostess told us to wait in hopes that the next party didn’t show up. Almost like magic, there were two seats at the waiting area for my date and I. Did I forget to mention that it was a Friday night and the restaurant was packed? It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, but it was a sign of a good night.

However, I still had my date scan the block for other restaurants just in case this plan was a flop.

About 10 minutes later, we were seated I didn’t bother asking what happened to the scheduled party.




The energy and crowd in the restaurant might have been the second best part next to the food… and I didn’t forget about the food. Everyone was LOUD, but having a great time. If I closed my eyes I would have imagined myself at a bar instead of a sit down restaurant. The subtle rap music playing above my head also threw me off, but nothing goes with good food and good vibes like good music.

I ordered the meatball parm over pasta, and my date ordered the chicken parm over pasta. Yes, we’re basic. Our meal can be summed up into one word.... GREAT. No, I am not Italian, and I don’t know what a real home made, from scratch Italian meatball/chicken parmesan tastes like. So if that’s what you’re looking for, I would still recommend Galli because who doesn’t like great food.

Unfortunately for this review, I didn’t drink during this visit at Galli. I was very tempted since the service was so great and I almost felt obligated to spend more money… but I controlled myself. They have a variety of wines, cocktails and beers so you have options.

Everything considered, I rate Galli Restaurant 5/5 stars. You saw that coming right? I walked in with no expectations and I’m glad a positive experience and 5 star review came out of it.


Avery is a Brooklyn girl that enjoys Netflix and likes to eat.

Twitter: @lilmissave

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