Resturant Review: Founding Farmers (D.C.)

By: Ave Frances

So when I told my best friend that I was traveling to Washington, DC for the weekend, the first restaurant she recommended was “Founding Farmers.” She didn’t say much about it other than it was a “farm to table” restaurant with really fresh food. Fresh is very important, so I noted it and moved on.

My hotel in DC was located a few blocks from the White House. As I walked back to the hotel after a long day of sightseeing, obviously complaining about my hunger, I stumbled across Founding Farmers. The restaurant was only a 4-minute walk to my hotel and a perfect location to all things DC. I walked no further.

The first thing I noticed about the restaurant was how crowded the waiting area was. Either the food is worth it, or I just landed at a tourist spot. I soon learned it was a mix of both. I wasn’t surprised when the host hit me with a 45 minute wait time. It was also 6 pm, and I knew the dinner rush was inevitable. I suggest making reservations.

Founding Farmers earned a star when I learned that I would receive a text when the table was available. If I’m going to wait 45 minutes to be seated, at least I won’t be restricted to the crowded waiting area.

Once I received my text at 6:45, a hostess tells me “We have a table for you, but I need it back by 8:15.” I didn’t think anything of this statement. I assumed they told everyone that to prevent people from hogging tables, and to keep the money flowing; which seemed reasonable to me.  

I wasn’t concerned until my date and I were seated at a table with ten seats*, which was clearly reserved for a party. I then asked the waiter if this meant my date and I had to rush. An hour and a half seemed like more than enough time to eat dinner, but then again this was my first experience at Founding Farmers. The only thing I saw was a lot of hungry faces, which possibly meant a slow kitchen. I didn’t want to have the experience ruined by being rushed off of seats we technically shouldn’t have been seated.

*Note: I almost forgot to mention that the table was slightly dirty when we sat down. My date and I immediately gave each other the side eye.

Our very friendly and professional waiter immediately calmed my nerves about our seating arrangements. Another waiter also cleaned our table.

I finally got a chance to relax and focus on the menu and atmosphere. The restaurant has a very calm feel; giving the “I don’t want to be modern,” modern look. I ordered the “Chicken Pot Pie,” and my date ordered the “Glazed Cedar Plank Salmon” which comes with “broccolini” and “whipped potatoes.”

I rate my chicken pot pie four stars. It was hot, fresh, and included everything that would be expected in a chicken pot pie. I think I would be correct to assume my date rated his Salmon, broccoli and mashed potatoes five stars. I say this because one minute the food was there, the next minute it was completely gone. My date isn’t a fan of vegetables, but he ranted and raved about how delicious his greens were. He even complimented the meal immediately after his final bite. I took a bite or two of his salmon and mashed potatoes, and I was almost tempted to switch plates. Everything tasted very fresh.

I honestly look forward to visiting D.C. again and exploring more of the menu at Founding Farmers. The small snafus that occurred before the meal could happen at any restaurant, but the food is what actually matters.

I rate Founding Farmers 4.5 stars. 


Ave is a Brooklyn girl that enjoys Netflix and likes to eat.

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