Restaurant Review: Streetbird Rotisserie (Harlem, NY)

By: Ave Frances

We all have that restaurant we keep meaning to go to. You know, the one that's by our job or apartment that looks like so much fun. It always has a good crowd, a great aesthetic, and you think you always hear your favorite song when you pass by.

Well that is what Streetbird Rotisserie was for me. I say was because I finally got a chance to go this past weekend.

My date and I were seated 5 minutes after we walked through the doors, which was a good sign on a Friday night. The dining area of the restaurant is small and compact, but comfortable. As I sat down I was immediately drawn to what attracted me to Streetbird Rotisserie in the first place…the artwork.

Streetbird is inspired by “Harlem Americana." The aesthetic of the restaurant is inspired by the birth of hip hop and street culture. The Streetbird restaurant credits the artists who have contributed to the space such as Tom Sachs, Cey Adams, Anthony Vasquez, and more. The art was even easier on the eyes with the sounds of Biggie Smalls, Soul For Real and 112 in the background.

I was so busy taking in the vibe that I almost didn’t notice how long it took for the waitress to arrive at my table. When she did arrive she immediately apologized for the long wait. I let it go.

99% of the menu consists of chicken, which is perfectly fine with me. I ordered the “New Jack Fried Rice 2.0” with added shrimp and the “Frozen Lynchburg Lemonade” from the frozen cocktails menu. My date ordered the exact same thing. Boring, I know, but fried rice just seemed like the best option at the time. Chicken and waffles were a very close contender.

I enjoyed the fried rice. It wasn’t mouth watering but it was everything I expected fried rice to be. It has stir-fried vegetables, jasmine rice, egg, and soy sauce. I know fried rice isn’t the most adventurous option, but it definitely made we want to try more of the menu.

Unfortunately, The “Frozen Lynchburg Lemonade” did not live up to the name. It tasted sweet, but more like iced tea than lemonade. It also looked like iced tea.

When I order a frozen drink, especially one with a fruity flavor, my expectations are high. I want to take that first sip and feel like I’m vacationing on an island. A frozen drink should also give that “I wouldn’t mind chugging this right now” feeling. I was so disappointed in the drink that I didn’t even finish it, and I hate wasting cocktails that cost as much as an entree.

The waitress checked on us occasionally but was pretty slow when it mattered (taking our order, giving us the check). She was very polite and didn’t affect my experience too much. I also didn't have a problem with her not giving us napkins since Streetbird Rotisserie has a paper towel holder connected to each table. I thought that was a nice touch.

Everything considered I rate Streetbird a 4.2.

I plan to go back and experience their weekly events such as “Monday Night Trivia,” “Taco Tuesdays,” $1 Wing Wednesdays, Brunch, etc. You will definitely be the first to know when I do.

Ave is a Brooklyn girl that enjoys Netflix and likes to eat.

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