Restaurant Review: Redstone American Grill (Maryland)

By: Avery Frances

It was 9 pm on a Wednesday, and I was hungry. I was also visiting friends in Maryland, where restaurants close a little too early for my liking (yes, being a New Yorker has spoiled me). My friends decided to take me to National Harbor, a beautiful destination with plenty of dining options. With that being said… it was now 10 pm on a Wednesday, and we were cutting it very close. Our only goal was to find an open restaurant, Redstone American Grill was it.

My party of three was seated immediately. Our waitress was very courteous and prompt. We sat at a beautiful semi circle booth that faced the harbor and the Capital Ferris Wheel. It could easily be top 5 on my list of most romantic views, especially at that hour. One star for the ambiance.

Before we were seated, we were informed that there were seven more minutes before the bar closed, also known as six more minutes than we needed. Only one of us ordered alcohol this evening, the guy of the trio, let’s call him friend #2. He ordered a Long Island Iced Tea, which he shrugged off as just “good.” Friend #2 is known for being a party guy, so I translated that “good” as average at best.

For the entree I ordered, the “Crab Cake Sandwich” with a side of mashed potatoes. Friend #1 ordered the “Rotisserie Chicken” with a side of mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. Friend #2 ordered a caesar salad and the “Redstone Burger.”

Redstone American Grill earns a star for food presentation. When the food arrived at the table, we all agreed that the presentation was Instagram worthy. The only problem with an amazing presentation is that you expect the taste to match.

I personally made a great decision ordering the “Crab Cake Sandwich.” Maryland is known for good seafood, and my entree definitely represented that title. The crab cake was topped with tomato corn salad and drenched with flavor. The mashed potatoes were bland, but I was too focused on my sandwich to care.

Friend #1 and #2 were in sync, as they were both unsatisfied with their meal. Friend #1 quickly pointed out that her rotisserie chicken was red on the inside. She also expressed that she has had better rotisserie chicken at Boston Market. She picked at the chicken a bit and then moved on to the mashed potatoes, which she agreed was a bit bland.

Friend #2 was both full and turned off before he even got to his entree. The long island iced tea contributed to his fullness, and he ordered a Caesar salad as a starter. His caesar salad had an overwhelming amount of pepper, which made it unenjoyable to eat. The croutons on the salad were hard as rocks. He described it as a rock and bread hybrid. He even challenged me to try it, but I’m not a big fan of edible rocks. I can’t tell you much about the “Redstone Burger” because it was untouched, which is sad because it definitely looked delicious.

Everything considered I rate Redstone American Grill 3 Stars. The menu has a wide variety, and I definitely think more on the menu is worth trying. The amazing view is also worth the second chance.


Ave is a Brooklyn girl that enjoys Netflix and likes to eat.

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