The Boil (Greenwich Village, NY)

By: Avery Frances 

I’ve been waiting what seems like forever to visit The Boil, so you can definitely call this a long-awaited review. I’ve heard great things about this creole/Cajun boil restaurant from YouTube vlogs (yes… I watch people eat online). I finally had the time and CASH, since The Boil is cash only, to put on gloves and dive into a seafood bag.

My date and I arrived at The Boil in Greenwich Village at 4 PM on a Saturday. To our surprise we were seated immediately, and the restaurant was very spacious. I’ve walked past the Lower East Side location in the past, and it looked very small from the outside. I was impressed by the larger space, and the tasteful amount of nautical decor. I was even more enthused by the diverse crowd, and amazing music selection.

Once I was seated, I braced myself because I knew very well that my experience would either go right or all the way left. Luckily, my waitress made a wonderful first impression, and her tip reflected that. She was pleasant, professional and helpful. She walked us through the menu, recommended the fabulous Boil Special Sauce (which I will recommend to my children and their children), she even broke down my lobster for me later in the evening (I was struggling).

I ordered the 1 ½ lb lobster and 1 lb shrimp combo. All combos come with corn and potatoes. My date ordered the Fried Calamari appetizer, and the BBQ Shrimp Basket as his entree. All baskets come with a side of Cajun fries.

After we placed our orders, a young man provided us with our crab bibs and gloves. Shortly after, he made sure our table was well equipped with a bucket, a seafood cracker and napkins. Before I knew it, our waitress was bringing our food to the table. The Boil definitely gets a thumbs up for prompt service.

As you can see, I was completely satisfied with the service, but did the food meet my expectations?

The lobster and shrimp combo was everything I expected it to be, which is good. The Boil special sauce really leveled the meal up from good to great. The sauce has a Cajun blend and sits at the bottom of the seafood bag, so you have to dip to receive the extra flavor. The shrimps are jumbo, and come with the head attached. I wasn’t a huge fan of all the work it took to eat the shrimp, but that’s part of the game right?

My date ordered the fried calamari, only having it for the first time recently. In the experiences of most, fried calamari is either crunchy or rubbery. He was expecting the crunchy taste of his first experience, but he got rubbery instead. Don’t get me wrong, the fried calamari is good, but it just depends on your calamari preference. He loved everything about his BBQ Shrimp Basket and the Cajun fries. He even ordered a second round of fries, which was actually the best decisions of the night. I left his fries alone the first time around, but I’m grateful I got a chance to taste these delicious fries after the second order. They were hot, perfectly seasoned, and simply delicious. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Besides the solid food, The Boil receives two thumbs up for DIVERSITY. I arrived at a quiet hour, and I immediately noticed a good amount of people of color enjoying their meals. By the time I left, the restaurant was packed. I ate among families, couples, and friends of all races, nationalities and sexual orientations. Everyone showed signs of having a very positive experience. The staff at The Boil also consisted of mostly minorities, which was personally nice to see.

All things considered, I rate The Boil 5/5 stars. Unfortunately, it’s rare to go to a restaurant and be completely satisfied with every part of your experience. I was overjoyed that The Boil, Greenwich Village location met all of my expectations. I guess YouTube is a reliable source after all.