The Crooked Knife (New York,NY)

By: Avery Frances

Going to brunch is very high on my list of hobbies. What’s better than waking up late and still being able to enjoy breakfast while sipping on unlimited mimosas? I’m constantly looking for a new, fun, and affordable brunch spot. So you can imagine my excitement when I was invited out to brunch at The Crooked Knife, 30th street location. 

In my excitement, I looked at the menu online the day I received the invite. I was slightly disappointed by the small scale menu. If you’re not in the mood for an omelet or Eggs Benedict, this is definitely not the brunch spot for you. Luckily, I haven’t dedicated my life to veganism just yet, so the limited menu wasn’t a deal breaker. 

My slight disappointment grew for the fact that bottomless brunch is $39 per person at The Crooked Knife. $39 wouldn’t be bad if the brunch menu had more than 14 items on the menu, which includes five variations of omelets and three types of Eggs Benedict. The other six items on the brunch menu don’t even include sides. I never understood why restaurants assume nobody wants a side of bacon along with their french toast. 

Although I wasn’t impressed by the menu, I’m glad I investigated the entrees beforehand. Too bad I didn’t check out the restaurant’s gallery online, because I wasn’t quite expecting the antique decor I walked into. I think the vintage charm they are going for can easily be translated as outdated. 

When it was time to order, I went for the “The Crooked Omelet,” served with a side of home fries, fruit salad, bacon and toast. I was seated with a party of 12, so I wasn’t too focused on the wait staff… at first. When the entrees arrived at the table, and the waiter began dropping items off of plates, he definitely received everyone’s attention. The table collectively decided that we were sitting through our waiter’s first week on the job, so we gave him a break. 

My omelet was very standard. I enjoyed it. I also think an omelet is hard to mess up. The home fries were very delicious and nicely seasoned. I was grateful I didn’t have to use my mimosa to push dry potatoes down my throat (We’ve all been there right?) 

Now let’s get to the part you have been waiting for…. The BOTTOMLESS mimosas. Emphasis on bottomless because the wait staff basically poured mimosas down our throats. Every time I looked up there was a new pitcher on the table, and I definitely wasn’t complaining. The table even received new pitchers after the bill was paid. Thumbs up for the fact that we weren’t rushed after they received our money. 

Everything considered, I rate The Crooked Knife 3 stars. I honestly have no desire to brunch at this location again. I was satisfied but not totally impressed. The organizer of my brunch outing expressed that the service and atmosphere is way better at the 14th street location. Unfortunately, she didn’t mention the quality of the food, so I might have to pass on that location as well.

If your only brunch expectation is to get drunk, then The Crooked Knife won’t disappoint. If you want an outstanding meal, you might want to look elsewhere. 


Avery is a Brooklyn girl that enjoys Netflix and likes to eat.

Twitter: @lilmissave

Instagram: @lilmissave