2018 MVB: Most Valuable Bargain

After considering the Los Angeles Lakers as a potential destination with their youth movement taking place, Derrick Rose has decided to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Rose has signed for the veteran’s minimum of 2.1 million dollars. Now, he absolutely could have made more money by joining the Lakers and possibly a little more playing time as well. However, Rose seems to be passing up on the opportunity to mentor a young Lonzo Ball (which I don’t think would be a good role for Rose anyway) to try and contribute to something bigger with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Rose had been weighing his options and meeting with both teams for a little while now, and seeing a guy of his caliber sign for the veteran’s minimum is a little peculiar. 

Now, I understand he’s not the same MVP Derrick Rose that we were accustomed to, but if you watched the Knicks this past season (for whatever reason that may be) Rose actually played pretty well averaging 18 points per game on 47% shooting from the field. AND LET ME BE CLEAR, MVP OR NOT, I can create a textbook of NBA players in the league currently that have done and will continue to do less than Rose that are getting insane amounts of money because of this new TV contract, but I digress.

New York rapper, Fabolous, once said “money ain’t everything it’s more about the timing.” So it is possible that the timing of this decision is more calculated than coincidental. Rose’s decision to join the Cavaliers comes smack dab in the newly unveiled drama between the Cavaliers’ two stars Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. Reports have it that the Cavs informed Rose about the developing situation. Now, I do not think that Rose’s decision was based solely off of what is going on with Irving trying to get out of town. In fact, I think that Rose would prefer if Kyrie remained with the team because it would give the Cavs an opportunity to have three players on the court that could create shots for themselves, as well as for others.  

With that being said, I do not think that Rose is complaining or overly upset at the fact that Kyrie wants to leave. It is somewhat a win-win situation for Rose at this point. If Kyrie stays, then Rose will be named the 6th man and given free reign to operate as he so pleases with the second unit. If Kyrie’s trade request gets granted then Rose will more than likely be plugged in as the starting point guard for the Cavaliers. This would be like one final audition for Rose, who after playing for the minimum will more than likely be looking to cash in next offseason. Playing with LeBron will give Rose an opportunity to showcase his talents once again on the highest stage. While he is clearly not his former self, Rose has more game left than people want to give him credit for and I think he’ll be out to prove it. Do I think this move puts the Cavaliers over the Golden State Warriors ? Absolutely not. But there are not too many moves that would have put the Cavs over the Warriors at this point anyway. He certainly is an upgrade over Deron Williams however, and barring injury (which is very possible for Mr. Rose) this move may make Rose the MVB of this season, Most Valuable Bargain.